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Automotive 2014

Selection of automotive work I have done during the summer of 2014. All shot in Iceland in May and June.

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I came across this geothermal power plant in Reykjanes, Iceland, while preparing and location scouting for my Range Rover shoot earlier this

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Foggy, frozen fjord

Foggy horizons are almost impossible to resist. During a session of shoots in Oslo, Norway, I took half a day out to capture magic of light, fog

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I’ve wanted to do a simple set of portraits for some time. Eventually I set out to do a black and white series of just anyone I could get

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From The Blog

The Choir

It’s my today. Yup, I survived another year, who would have thought? The Pipar/TBWA choir of awesome, face-timed me with the most

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Best Christmas present ever

In, I guess 1983, a wave of small handheld computer games called Nintendo Game & Watch were unleashed upon us wee brats. Mesmerising little

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Dóri 25.08.1952 – 08.12.2013

My very good friend and former neighbor, design professor of LHI and KHiO; Halldór Gíslason (Dóri) passed away yesterday after a long, but brave

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Kooka Boora is good coffee in Paris!

Paris literally has shit coffee everywhere you go. To the degree that you take it for granted. I automatically put sugar in my espresso when in

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I am a graphic designer turned equal part photographer working and living in London, England and Oslo, Norway. I do everything from product shots through fashion and music to chasing cars up mountain sides. I find all projects to be challenging and exciting in their own way.

I do have a predominant weight towards automotive photography in my portfolio but find myself working more and more with people which I find very exciting. I am moveable for shorter or longer periods.

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