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22 Mar
B42D > 2D3D

Before there was 2D. Now there’s 2D and 3D, and they live together in harmony. Product photography has been changing a lot in the last ten years, and things have been moving extremely fast in the last five years or so. 3D is here, has been here for a while, but it is becoming more

14 Jan
Hasselblad Masters 2014

In my last post I wrote that I’d have something more exciting to post here sooner than later. And already today I have. This morning I got word from Hasselblad that I have been selected to go through to the final in the 2014 Hasselblad Masters. I had no intention of entering as I generally

26 Oct
Underwater Mallorca

I just returned from Mallorca photographing air bubbles under water. The images are for a client in the sub sea engineering business – mostly oil rigs and thereof related. For the most part we stayed in a small village on the north coast called Port de Soller. Still intact from the all consuming tourist and

10 Oct
Macs for Africa

Yesterday I had a workshop with the students from Escola des Artes Visuai from Maputo, Mozambique. The preceeding day I did a walk around the Dinamo campus asking different members of staff to donate small amounts of cash to a kitty to buy two new iMacs for the School. The graphic design department of the

09 Oct
Maputo Lighting Workshop

My ex-neighbours from Sofiesgate moved to Mozambique about a year ago now and are working there getting the Escola des Artes Visuai in Maputo on track to become a fully fledged, modern source of young and talented graphic designers. Right now they’re back in Oslo with three students on a study trip. Yesterday I did

03 Oct
Magneat Scooter Shoot

We just wrapped up part two of the Magneat Scooter shoot. This is the third and final image for an advertising campaign for Magneat by Preggione. We had originally planned to do the entire shoot on location using a crane to elevate the scooter. But this became very difficult to pull of both because of


I am a graphic designer turned equal part photographer working and living in London, England and Oslo, Norway. I do everything from product shots through fashion and music to chasing cars up mountain sides. I find all projects to be challenging and exciting in their own way.

I do have a predominant weight towards automotive photography in my portfolio but find myself working more and more with people which I find very exciting. I am moveable for shorter or longer periods.

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