Kooka Boora is good coffee in Paris!

Paris literally has shit coffee everywhere you go. To the degree that you take it for granted. I automatically put sugar in my espresso when in Paris just to make it drinkable and I still enjoy it. I enjoy bad, over priced coffee that has to be sugared to be consumable. You’re probably asking, why? Because that is Paris and I love Paris; the city that reeks urine — love it; the city full of rude people and dog shit — love it; and yes, Paris is the city of bad coffee and I love it. Paris is full of goods and bads, rights and wrongs — how can you not love that!

So guess who was gobsmacked to stumble upon Kooka Boora Café up in south Pigalle. Serving absolutely stellar coffee. It’s so good it feels wrong.

Kooka Boora is run by Nicolas Piégay, a very friendly frenchman that speaks english with a slight Aussie twang. Nik did indeed venture down under to hone in his Aussie skills, both the ixxint and the coffee, then brought it back home in style.

Kooka Boora, or KB also serves some amazing tarts, scones, cookies, sandwiches, pies and quiche and loads more. All from what I could gather, were proper, home made on the spot in two domestic ovens. It doesn’t get more home made than that. They also serve nice breakfast, soups and salads for lunch. They don’t do croissants yet, but don’t seem to mind if you bring your own from your favorite baker (now that is a french thing). There’s free WiFi for the hipsters and ample parking for fixie bikes. But most of all, very friendly staff serving absolutely stellar coffee.

Good but wrong, wrong but good!

Address: 53 rue Trudaine 75009 (9ème arrondissement)
Machine: La Marzocco
Grinder: Mazzer
Beans: Café Lomi

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