Hasselblad Masters 2014

In my last post I wrote that I’d have something more exciting to post here sooner than later. And already today I have. This morning I got word from Hasselblad that I have been selected to go through to the final in the 2014 Hasselblad Masters.

I had no intention of entering as I generally don’t do awards and contests, but Hasselblad’s Global Marketing Director Chris Russel-Fish pestered me about entering and as he is a very nice person and a good persuader, I did. There are of course contests and then there are contests, and this is not just any contest. This is about as prestigious as it gets. Being in the finals is a bit beyond me and I’m incredibly humbled. The level in the Hasselblad Masters is as high as it gets so I’m more than happy to get to this point.

What will apparently happen now is that the finalist images will travel to various Hasselblad events around the world in 2013 to be showcased leading up to the final selection. The winners will be announced in January 2014.

The Finalist images have now been posted for public voting at: Hasselblad Masters 2014 Finalist Gallery

I need all the votes I can get. You need to fill in a simple registration and you can vote once per email address. Hasselblad are a very serious outfit and won’t abuse your mail address. Please visit and vote and spread the word around.


  1. Ólafur Th - reply

    Til hamingju með þetta Jonni – ekkert smá flott afrek. Það verður gaman að fylgjast með þessu hjá þér. Fyrir mér ert þú sigurvegari hvernig sem þessi keppni fer.
    Kveðja Oth.

  2. Berglind - reply

    Elsku Jonni. Mikið svakalega er þetta flott hjá þér! Ég mun breiða út boðskapinn, en í mínu hjarta þá ert þú sigurvegarinn! Elska myndirnar þínar. Kær kveðja

  3. anna Maria Sigurjonsdottir - reply

    Go Jonni!

  4. Mette - reply

    Lykke til. Håper det går deg veldig bra!! :-)

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