Liberated from the confines of my studio I go out and capture the utterly mundane, then I create my own realm of distorted reality.
A collection of images

This book gathers some personal images I’ve created over the years; they may have been created whilst I was working on shoots, purposely planned, or just capturing a random lucky shot.

The book features images from England, Norway and Iceland in which I’ve tried to convey what I see, yet not wanting to document, I want to make it my own and create the image I felt at that moment it was created.

The books release coincides with a collection of my images being shown simultaneously at Soho’s Flat White and Milkbar in April and May 2013.

Order the book directly here and have it shipped to you or pick up your copy at Flat White or Milkbar.

Pre order before April 20th and get 6 special edition postcards featuring key images from the book.

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I am a graphic designer turned equal part photographer working and living in London, England and Oslo, Norway. I do everything from product shots through fashion and music to chasing cars up mountain sides. I find all projects to be challenging and exciting in their own way.

I do have a predominant weight towards automotive photography in my portfolio but find myself working more and more with people which I find very exciting. I am moveable for shorter or longer periods.

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